surveys & ism / isps / ilo code audits

 surveys & ism / isps / ilo code audits

The Exclusive Surveyor’s & Lead Auditors from KMS marine are holding full authorisation from an ISO certified Recognized (Security) Organization for the conduction of surveys and certification of vessels of any size or type of service .


After completion of their survey reports and issuance of the interim certificates, the  Technical Department at the Head Office evaluates the reports and produce the full term certificates according to the provisions of the appropriate international conventions or national regulations. 


The ISM Code for Company and Vessel including compliance of the ISPS Code are included in the authorization of the Surveyors of  KMS marine .


Some clients find it convenient to have the ISM and ISPS Certified by the Flag State, rather by their Classification Society.

Did you know that you can have great savings to request K.M.S marine to perform the intermediate ISPS Audit on your IACS Classed vessel ?


Many clients of the vessel Registry entrust KMS marine the responsibility for compliance with the certification of crew accommodation (CICA) for their fleet.


KMS Marine has build up a strong network of surveyors worldwide. 

Are you ready for the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC 2006) ? We are.


KMS Marine one HUB for a variety of services.